Impromptu Colorado trip

Disclaimer: most of these pictures suck because they were taken on my phone. The others that don’t suck were taken by Maya on her camera. I promise I’ll be better at carrying a real camera during the semester!

Instead of moping around Champaign by myself, Tommy convinced me to come see him in Colorado while he was there skiing for a few weeks with his dad. They had a house/condo rented in Arrowhead and it seemed fun even though I’m not really a skier… yet.

It was a long day getting there. Here is a summary of the day’s events: driving, delays, delays, snow, delays, delays, snow, driving, delays, snow and delays. Everything was complicated by the huge snow storm occurring between Denver and Avon. My shuttle from the airport and Vail was extremely late because they had to completely shut down the highway that morning for 4 hours. However, I made it to my wintery destination after about 13 hours of travel.

As I said, I’m not much of a skier and I hadn’t budgeted for this trip at all…so shelling out $300/day for the bunny hill did not seem wise to me. While the boys skied, I was happy to stay in to catch up on neglected work and attempt to learn Italian on Rosetta stone in prep for the coming semester.

I did walk Tommy to the lift to get acquainted with the area. That two minute walk was so beautiful and made me realize how much I miss snow. It never snows like this in Illinois anymore! Not wanting to go back to the house just yet, I sat by the fire to soak up some sun and take in the views.

We went to Vail Village to eat at a restaurant called White Bison. The food was pretty good, the best dishes being our appetizers: fish tacos and poutine w/brisket. After eating, we left the restaurant to find that it was snowing and coming down hard. We did a quick lap to get chocolate and take a group picture before hurrying home. Being the designated driver of the trip, I nearly killed everyone driving home in that storm – definitely not used to driving in the mountains during a whiteout!

Sunday we decided to snowshoe up in Big Park at Cordillera. I had snowshoed this trail many times last year… but this time seemed WAY harder for some reason. Maybe I hadn’t acclimated or was just out of shape, but it was a struggle trying to keep up with Tommy and Fitz. Still, it’s a lovely trail so it was worth it.

Nothing super exciting happened until Maya arrived in the middle of another storm. She must have been the last plane able to land and the last shuttle out of DIA. Right after we picked her up in Vail they were closing all of the roads and drove by lots of unfortunate car accidents… The storm lead to some great snow for the skiers though!

Maya and I went to go snowshoe the same trail at Big Park and it was a lot nicer to go at our own pace. By the time we got to the flatter part, the wind and snow had picked up and wiped away the trail so we played it safe and turned back to the car. Almost to the car, we see this mysterious animal walking up the road and we were sure it was going to eat us. Turned out to be a super friendly Irish Wolfhound whose owner was walking a ways behind her. It spooked us for sure but we made a friend.

After a few more days of online errands and Rosetta Stone, my relaxing getaway was over. It was filled with really great food and more snow than I’ve seen in a loooooong time. The drive back took around 17 hours… but I really can’t complain much because I only drove 3 of those hours. Some things I learned along the way is that Casey’s General Store has surprisingly decent pizza and The Bridge on sirius xm is your friend.




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