Is this thing on?

Christmas MarketTesting testing. I guess I should figure out how this works before I leave the country so here’s a practice post of what I’ve done over break so far.

I spent a few days in Chicago leading up to Christmas. That trip started off with Joffrey’s Nutcracker production with Tommy, Maya and Jimmy.

Joffrey Nutcracker

After the boys went home, Maya and I decided to stay in the city to roam around and celebrate the birthdays of my two brothers and sister in law – which happen to be 3 days in a row! We went out to dinner at Mercadito, a trendy Mexican restaurant with an amazing assortment of guacamole and tacos. Unfortunately, it was too dark to take any pictures of our food without flashing everyone around us, but we managed to get this shot from our friendly server.


We rushed through the end of our meal and barely made it to see the show Twist Your Dickens. It is a comedy show put on by Second City so it was hilarious. Here’s a bonus shot of me and Maya being goofy playing around with her new camera (the featured photo was also taken by Maya at the Christmas market because I was too lazy to take pictures.)


And that’s about it for now! Even though I am supposed to be saving money for the semester, I booked a last minute flight to go see Tommy in Colorado. I’ll do another post for that trip.


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